Connecting European battery projects – a BATTERY 2030+ & ERA-MIN event


23/01/2023 - 13:15 to 23/01/2024 - 16:00

On the 23rd of January 12 projects funded under the different ERA-MIN calls will present and discuss there project results together. Under the guidance of BATTERY 2030+ Marcel Meeus the goal is to find synergies and potential collaborations that can continue the success and impact the technolgies and projects have had so far.

The meeting will be divided into three different 30 minutes blocks, one on Lithium extraction/exploration/ utilisation and two on battery Recycling processes:

Lithium extraction/exploration/ utilisation:

Li + WATER:     extraction of Li and water from brines

LIGHTS:            lithium exploration

SEEMS DEEP:  seismic and electromagnetic exploration

2BoSS:             novel battery chemistry with Li2S-based cathode and a graphite-free silicon-based anode

Recycling processes 1:

NEXT-LIB:        novel sustainable LIBs recycling

LIMEX:             LIBs solvent extraction and membrane separation technologies

LICOBAT:         LIBs hydrometallurgical recycling

BATRE-ARES:   NiMH recycling with ionic liquids


Recycling processes 2:

BaCLEM:       bio-assisted battery recycling

EliMINATE:    novel hydrometallurgical recycling technologies

ACROBAT:      recycling LFP batteries including direct recycling

RecyLIB:        direct recycling Li Ion batteries

You may find the detailed agenda below together with the registration form.