ERA-MIN 10th Anniversary Full Paper

"ERA-MIN: A Decade since the Inception of the EU Led Effort to Support the International Raw Materials Research Community" is an Open Access Proceeding Paper published on 28th January 2022 on the journal Material Proceedings that belongs to the Proceedings of International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy. The paper summarizes and analyses the activity of last 10 years of the network, since the first ERA-MIN programme was launched in 2011.

ERA-MIN3 Newsletter- December 2021

The ERA-MIN3 Newsletter- December 2021 is built on the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ERA-MIN network, created in 2011. The newsletter contains an overview of the recently celebrated ERA-MIN 2 Final Conference and Final Seminar of Call 2017 projects and its Poster Competition, the link to the project testimonials of the joint transnational call 2017 funded projects, as well as the presentation of the "ERA-MIN: A decade since the inception of the EU led effort to support the international raw materials research community" poster, related to the 10th anniversary of the network. Related to ERA-MIN3, the full proposal results of the joint transnational call 2021 are summarized. A list of the most relevant News & Events where ERA-MIN has been a part of finalizes the newsletter.

ERA-MIN Poster

"ERA-MIN: A decade since the inception of the EU led effort to support the international raw materials research community" is a poster, to be presented at the 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management, that summarizes the results and outcomes of the ERA-MIN programme sice its creation a decade ago.

ERA-MIN3 Flyer 2020_Call 2021

The ERA-MIN3 flyer is available which showcase the overview of the ERA-MIN3 project and the EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021.

ERA-MIN3 Newsletter- April 2021

The ERA-MIN3 Newsletter- April 2021 contains information on the results and preliminary statistics of the EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Call 2021, an interview to ERA-MIN and ERA-MIN 2 funded projects coordinators, announcement and links to project testimonials and most relevant News and Events for the ERA-MIN3 community

Regulation concerning batteries and waste batteries

The Commission proposed a new Batteries Regulation (with Annexes) on 10 December 2020. This Regulation aims to ensure that batteries placed in the EU market are sustainable and safe throughout their entire life cycle.

ECERA white paper on Digital Circular Economy

The European Circular Economy Research Alliance (ECERA) recently published a white paper on the digital circular economy  in the run-up to the 2020 edition of the G-STIC conference.

In this white paper ECERA aims to strengthen the link between the digital and circular expert communities, and, as a first critical step, provide a common vocabulary.  

ERA-MIN 2 Newsletter- October 2020

The ERA-MIN 2 Newsletter- October 2020 contains information on the new ERA-MIN 3 project, the pre-announcement of the ERA-MIN Co-funded Call 2021,  statistics of Call 2019 and the impact of the funded projects under Call 2017.

ERA-MIN 2 Report on international cooperation with countries outside Europe

The Report on international cooperation with countries outside Europe is one of the public Deliverables that ERA-MIn 2, as a project funded by Horizon 2020, had to prepare and publish.

The report seeks to contribute to the international cooperation of ERA-MIN 2 with external stakeholders and related initiatives outside Europe. It contains a list of key actors and projects in Latin American and Caribbean Region, as well as in other non-EU countries and regions.


D7.7 ERA-MIN Joint Call 2019 promotion material

The ERA-MIN Joint Call 2019 was first announced during the Raw Materials Week 2019, after being pre-announced in other events at national/regional brokerage events/Info days. The Call 2019 was also promoted by on-going projects and initiatives that support the raw materials sector. Moreover, a call dissemination kit was assembled and online partner search tools were made available to help consortia building.