ERA-MIN 2 Newsletter- October 2020

The ERA-MIN 2 Newsletter- October 2020 contains information on the new ERA-MIN 3 project, the pre-announcement of the ERA-MIN Co-funded Call 2021,  statistics of Call 2019 and the impact of the funded projects under Call 2017.

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ERA-MIN 2 Report on international cooperation with countries outside Europe

The Report on international cooperation with countries outside Europe is one of the public Deliverables that ERA-MIn 2, as a project funded by Horizon 2020, had to prepare and publish.

The report seeks to contribute to the international cooperation of ERA-MIN 2 with external stakeholders and related initiatives outside Europe. It contains a list of key actors and projects in Latin American and Caribbean Region, as well as in other non-EU countries and regions.


D7.7 ERA-MIN Joint Call 2019 promotion material

As an H2020 funded project, ERA-MIN 2 is expected to provide deliverables to the European Commission and when these documents are public, to the raw materials stakeholders.

One of these public deliverables is D7.7 - Promotion Material of Joint Call 2019.

EU research results on Mineral Extraction

The document Results Pack on mineral extraction A thematic collection of innovative EU-funded research results:Securing access to raw materials at minimum environmental and social costs, published by CORDIS on October 2020, gives access in its 16 pages to the research results of Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects. Project websites are included in the catalogue, allowing for readers to search for additional information.

The state-of-the-art minerals extraction technologies developed by these projects will reinforce the competitiveness of the EU industry and reduce negative environmental and health and safety impacts and risks. Contributing towards meeting ambitious energy and climate targets, the projects featured in this CORDIS Results Pack will help to gain the trust of EU citizens in the mining sector.

Additionally, securing sustainable access to raw materials, such as metals and industrial minerals, is crucial to achieving the objectives of The European Green Deal


Categorisation system for the circular economy: A sector-agnostic approach for activities contributing to the circular economy

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ERA-MIN2 Newsletter - May 2020

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ERA-MIN 2 Poster 2019

ERA-MIN 2 poster showcases an overview of the ERA-MIN 2 project including information about its main objectives, the statistics of the calls launched under ERA-MIN 2 and the consortium composition. As well the poster included the recent call launched on 28 November 2019 with the topics eligible for funding.

The poster was presented during the Raw Materials Week 2019 held in Brussels from 18th to 22th November 2019.

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D7.4_list funded projects call 2018_final

The report contains the list of the 12 projects selected for funding under ERA-MIN Joint Call 2018 without EU co-funding.  It includes the call statistics, data on each project and their publishable abstracts. This information is public and available at the ERA-MIN 2 website.

Newsletter July 2019

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