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ERA-NET Confund on Raw Materials (ERA-MIN) is a global, innovative and flexible pan-European network of research funding organisations, supported by EU Horizon 2020, that counts now with its third edition, ERA-MIN3 (2020-2025) and builds on the experience of the FP7 ERA-NET ERA-MIN (2011-2015) and the still running ERA-MIN 2 (2016-2022).

ERA-MIN aims to support the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM), the EU Raw Materials Initiative and further develop the raw materials (RM) sector in Europe through funding of transnational research and innovation (R&I) activities. This will be achieved through calls designed and developed specifically for the non-fuel, non-food raw materials sector.

ERA-MIN3: RAW MATERIALS FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY aims to improve synergy, coordination and coherence between regional, national and EU funding in the raw materials sector by reducing fragmentation of raw materials funding across Europe and globally, as well as, improving the use of human and financial resources, the competitiveness and the environmental, social, health and safety issues of raw materials operations through supporting of transnational, excellent and translational R&I activities. It is built on the success of ERA-MIN 2: RESEARCH & INNOVATION PROGRAMME ON RAW MATERIALS TO FOSTER CIRCULAR ECONOMY, which is still running. Successively, ERA-MIN2 is built on the experience of ERA-MIN (2011-2015) whose aim was to bring together a significant number of funding and programming organisations to support the development of the non-energy mineral raw materials research area in Europe.

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23 Feb 2021

Video Testimonials of the ERA-MIN & ERA-MIN 2 funded projects present a good overview about what has been funded under ERA-NET Confund on Raw Materials (ERA-MIN) and how the non-energy mineral raw materials research area in Europe is developing. Moreover, this testimonials videos are of real interest for applicants to the EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joitn Call 2021, because they present benefits and tips to build a successful proposal, consortium and project development. Almost 30 video testimonials are available now at (2) ERA-MIN Project Testimonials - YouTube.

02 Feb 2021

A slight, but very significant Call Text Update of the EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021, specially for Swedish participants. VINNOVA increases their budget contribution from €500 000 to €1 million, making the total call budget €19.5 million! 

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EU Industry Days is Europe's flagship annual event on industry. The next edition will take place in the week of 23-26 February 2021. It happens in a very special moment, when our industry is embarking upon green and digital transformation, opening up new opportunities for EU businesses and citizens.

08/03/2021 - 09:00 to 11/03/2021 - 18:00

The annual PDAC 2021 Convention—the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining event—will be held virtually from Monday, March 8 until Thursday, March 11, 2021

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