Raw materials for the sustainable development and the circular economy.

ERA-NET Cofund on Raw Materials (ERA-MIN 2)  is public-public partnerships  based on the ERA-NET Cofund scheme under Horizon 2020. ERA-MIN 2 aims to implement a European-wide coordination of research and innovation programs on raw materials to strengthen the industry,  competitiveness and the shift to a circular economy. 

The objective of the ERA-MIN 2 is to strengthen the coordination of national and regional research programmes in the field of non-energy non-agricultural raw materials by implementing several activities. Among these activities, ERA-MIN 2 publishes 3 joint calls for collaborative transnational R&I projects between 2017 and 2020.

In line with the integrated strategy proposed in the EU Raw Materials Initiative and the Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, the ERA-MIN 2 Call topics will address the three segments of the non-energy non-agricultural raw materials: metallic, industrial and construction minerals and will cover the whole value chain: exploration, extraction, processing/refining, as well as recycling and substitution of critical raw materials.


Circular economy

21 public research and innovation funding organisations of EU countries and regions and non-EU countries collaborate and participate with this aim

Country/Region Organisation url
Turkey TUBITAK https://www.tubitak.gov.tr/en
Sweden Vinnova http://www.vinnova.se/en/
South Africa DST http://www.dst.gov.za/
Spain MINECO http://www.mineco.gob.es/
Spain CDTI https://www.cdti.es/
Spain/Castilla y Léon ADE http://www.empresas.jcyl.es/
Slovenia MIZS http://www.mizs.gov.si/en/
Romania UEFISCDI http://uefiscdi.gov.ro/
Poland NCBR http://www.ncbr.gov.pl/
Italy MIUR http://www.istruzione.it/
Ireland GSI http://www.gsi.ie
Germany JUELICH https://www.ptj.de/en/start
France ANR http://www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/
France ADEME http://www.ademe.fr/
Finland Tekes https://www.tekes.fi/en/
Chile CONICYT http://www.conicyt.cl/
Brazil Finep http://www.finep.gov.br/
Belgium/Flanders FWO http://www.fwo.be/en/
Belgium/Flanders Hermesfonds http://www.iwt.be/
Argentina MINCyT http://www.mincyt.gob.ar/
Portugal FCT http://www.fct.pt/