Mineral Recycling Forum 2017

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

07/03/2017 - 08:45 to 08/03/2017 - 13:00

As the minerals industry strives towards sustainable development, the recycling of waste products to generate “Secondary Raw Materials” (SRM) has emerged as an important source of industrial minerals for a range of consuming markets.

Developments in sourcing, processing, and quality control, as well as rising primary raw material prices, have enabled the economic recycling of minerals contained in certain industrial waste products.

Mineral Recycling Forum 2017 brings together an expert panel to discuss the latest trends and developments in SRM sourcing, supply, processing, quality control, logistics, and crucially, their market applications.

Mineral Recycling Forum 2017  will be of interest to all those active in the sourcing, processing, distribution and use of SRM, and especially established industrial mineral suppliers and buyers keen to assess the outlook for competitive and substitute materials.

The scope:

The advancement of recycling technology has generated a new source of minerals from Secondary Raw Materials.

Mineral Recycling Forum 2017 will provide an invaluable opportunity to take the pulse of this evolving sector through expert presentations from leading players, informative discussion, and all-important networking with those active in the business.

  • Supply/demand outlook
  • Market drivers
  • Industry initiatives
  • Processing developments
  • Quality control innovations
  • Secondary Raw Materials
    • including​
      • Glass
      • Fly ash
      • Silica fume
      • Aluminium salt slag
      • Steel slag
      • Refractories