EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021 Pre-proposal Submission Results


EU Co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021 on Raw materials for sustainable development and the circular economy,  launched on 15th of January 2021, counted with the participation of 24 funding organizations with a total budget of €19.5 million. The pre-proposal submission has recently closed on 1st April 2021, being a huge success in ERA-MIN history, being the call with the highest amount of submitted pre-proposals to date.

Some preliminary statistics are the following:

  • 146 pre-proposals were submitted by deadline
  • 892 applicants, of which 32% are companies
  • €150 Million Total Costs
  • €116 Million Total Requested funding
  • €34 Million Total Own contribution

All the 24 funding organisations participating in the call have received proposals requesting funding and 11 applicants not requesting funding are from other countries, namely, Alberta province in Canada, Austria, Brazil, Greece, Morocco, Norway, UK, USA and Peru. The 5 main topics have been addressed in the submitted pre-proposals, with the following distribution: 19 (Topic 1), 27 (Topic 2), 31 (Topic 3), 64 (Topic 4) and 5 (Topic 5).

For further information check the following infographic.