M-ERA.NET 3, the pan-European and international network of funding organisation supporting materials and future batteries research, will launch its Cofunded Call 2021 in March

While the future M-ERA-NET will focus more specifically on the design of innovative materials, for instance to develop completely new products (e.g. new batteries); in respect to batteries, ERA-MIN3 will focus on the RM supply and recycling of batteries.

45 national and regional Funding Organisations are participating with an indicative total call budget of around 57 Million €, including EC Top-up-Funding.

The co-funded Call 2021 will provide additional support to the thematic priorities of previous M-ERA.NET calls, addressing materials research and innovation for low carbon energy technologies, in addition to supporting materials research for future batteries technology in line with the European Green Deal.

Details on topics, participating countries/regions and call procedures will be published soon at M-ERANET webiste.

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