Stakeholders consultation on Low-Carbon Industrial Technologies Prospect Report


This survey is open until September 30th, 2021.

Action 5 of the ‘New ERA for Research and Innovation’ announces that the Commission will, in cooperation with Member States and stakeholders, support the implementation of the New Industrial Strategy by jointly developing common industrial technology roadmaps by the end of 2022 to align and link key partnerships under Horizon Europe with industrial ecosystems, so as to ensure that efforts team up and that research results are known and rolled out faster in the economy.

The update of the New Industrial Strategy, adopted on 5 May 2021 specifies that Industrial Technology Roadmaps will provide input to transition pathways, which the Commission will develop with industry for specific EU industrial ecosystems. De-carbonisation of energy-intensive industries is crucial in order to make industry “Fit for -55” and to help achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. However, many breakthrough low-carbon technologies in Europe are not sufficiently developed and taken up, and existing technologies not sufficiently spread among sectors and regions. ERA Industrial Technology Roadmaps will play a key role in addressing these problems. The Commission will develop the Industrial Technology Roadmap with the broadest possible scope of stakeholders, including industry (large companies, SMEs, business associations...), RTOs/EU Technology Infrastructures, universities, NGOs, civil society organisations, etc. This input will feed into the Commission’s work with Member States at the ERA Forum for Transition.

The first phase of the Industrial Technology Roadmaps focusses on the collection of evidence about potential, state of development, current investment and patenting and place-based innovation for relevant industrial technologies. DG R&I, together with the JRC has published a pilot Industrial Technology Prospect Report on low-carbon technologies for energy-intensive industries at the occasion of the R&I Days in June 2021. The feedback from industry and other stakeholders to the evidence base for the roadmap on low-carbon industrial technologies shall serve to amend this pilot report, covering also a new chapter on main obstacles in development and uptake of relevant breakthrough technologies.