The website of MOSTMEG project is already running


MOSTMEG project, funded under ERA-MIN Joint Call 2019, has its own webiste already running:

The MOSTMEG project intends to develop and validate predictive models for strategic metal rich, granite-related ore systems. To this end, some concepts and exploration strategies will be refined, combining mineral and geochemical criteria that can be used as pathfinders or vectors to mineralization centres. It is directed to the ERA.MIN2 topic area “Supply of raw material from exploration and mining“, addressing mostly the subtopic 1.1 (Exploration) via “tools for identifying resources and improving mineral resource modelling“ . The project is coordinated by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), with the participation of Faculdade de Ciências do Porto (Portugal), Universidade de Évora (Portugal), Laboratório Nacional de Energia eGeologia, I.P. (Portugal), Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), CNRS-GeoRessources (France) and Instituto de Geociencias da Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil).