HERA publishes toolkit for maximising outreach of research projects


The HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) network has developed a comprehensive toolkit committed to maximising public engagement, knowledge exchange and the impact of research activity across Europe. The work has been developed based on the learnings, challenges and opportunities experienced by the three previous HERA JRPs (2010-2019), as well as present developments in the European research landscape.

The toolkit, created by Prof. Jo Sofaer (University of Southampton), Prof. Tony Whyton (Birmingham City University), Dr Craig Hamilton (Birmingham City University) and Elysia Greenaway (University of Southampton), aims to provide practical, humanities researcher-centered guidance to project members.

Public engagement, also known as outreach, refers to the wide range of ways that researchers can share their work with the public outside the academy. These disciplines are considered to be core components of cultural, social and economic impact. It is a two-way process involving interaction, listening and developing understanding that aims to generate mutual benefit. This two-way dynamic distinguishes it from the one-way process of dissemination.

Developing best practice in public engagement, knowledge exchange and impact has been a key feature of HERA from its beginning. This toolkit is intended to support HERA projects in navigating and developing effective public engagement, knowledge exchange and impact in complex transnational environments, as well as capturing their outcomes.

For further information, please visit: http://heranet.info/assets/uploads/2019/09/Public-Engagement-Knowledge-Exchange-and-Impact_-A-Toolkit-for-HERA-Projects.html