SCRREEN project presented its last achievements in Raw Materials week


​During the Raw Materials week, held in Brussels mid-November 2019, the SCREEN project organized its last expert workshop. During the 30-month project several expert workshops were organized periodically, in which the project provided the opportunity to meet and exchange information and ideas with relevant experts & stakeholders. During the event, a final project results video was produced featuring the work carried out by the SCRREEN work package leaders and discussing the main achievements of the project and the future of Critical Raw Materials in Europe.

SCRREEN was also able to synthetize the maximum of information on Critical Raw Materials (CRM) and proposed trends for the future to mitigate the CRM risks in Europe. The project will continue to support the European CRM strategy by widening its expert network.

To date, six Expert Groups have been established in the SCRREEN project to support the development of the network with hopes to have their work to become a focal point of advice for decision making with regard to CRMs: Market, Governments & Policies, Resources, Circular Economy, Production, Substitution. Several plans were also made for the future to maintain and keep a Long Lasting Network of experts.

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