Survey on EU Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda on Circular Economy


In order to tackle increasingly complex climate and environmental challenges we are facing, the EU has launched major initiatives such as the European Green Deal and EU Circular Economy Action Plan 2, to decouple economic growth from resource extraction and transition to a circular economy.

CICERONE is developing a platform for EU programme owners, i.e. public funders of programmes related to circular economy, to coordinate and collaborate on priority research and innovation (R&I) actions on circular economy. Part of this process is the development of the circular economy Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

The draft SRIA is now available for the review of programme owners of circular economy funding programmes, to ensure it is in line with national and regional strategies for a circular economy transition:

An online survey is open from 5th to 18th May 2020, to review the key sections of the draft SRIA and respond to several questions on their view of the joint programmes.

Link to the survey:

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