Newsletter EIT RawMaterials - May 2020


The May 2020 edition of EIT RawMaterials Newsletter has been published.

EIT RawMaterials strategic objectives, to secure raw materials supply, design materials solutions and to close materials loops are fully aligned with the European Commission’s growth strategy.

In May 2020, EIT RawMaterials has launched an adapted Booster Call in response to the COVID-19 crisis to support high-impact and growth potential start-ups and SMEs to adapt and accelerate in the post-crisis economy.

Furthermore, partners of EIT RawMaterials can apply for the Fast-Track Innovation Call 2020, which addresses scale-ups. The call offers additional funding to projects working on solutions to fight COVID-19, as well as upscaling projects that are impacted by COVID-19. It is aiming to increase the scope, speed up the market launch of new technologies and develop a go-to-market strategy for products and services, securing highly skilled human capital and Europe’s industrial leadership.

More information:[UNIQID]