D3.5. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: Summary of the 16 funded projects

This document includes the call statistics at pre- and full proposal stage, the data on each funded projects as well as the publishable abstracts. Further information is included in the followind links:

ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - The Projects' Abstracts 

Under the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017, 16 top-ranked proposals are recommended for funding by the funding organisations participating in this call. 

The ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - The Projects' Abstracts presents the publishable abstracts of the funded projects under the ERA-MIN Joint call 2017 (grouped by main topic) and is now available at the following link:

D3.3. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: list of projects after stage 2 and ranking list

This report details the ranking list of proposals after Stage 2 evaluation in the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017.

16 transnational projects are funded under ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 with a total public funding of 12.3 million €

ERA-MIN 2 poster

ERA-MIN 2 poster showcases an overview of the ERA-MIN 2 project including information about its main objectives, the statistics of the first call launched under ERA-MIN 2 and the consortium composition.

The poster was presented during the Raw Materials Week 2017 held in Brussels from 7th to 9th November 2017.

ERA-MIN 2 presentation - Raw Materials Week 2017

The coordinator of ERA-MIN 2, Ms Dina Carrilho, made a presentation of the ERA-MIN 2 project during the 2017 InfoDay and brokerage event held in Brussels on 9th November 2017. The ERA-MIN 2 presentation was focused on three parts: the ERA-MIN 2 network, the first results of the cofunded call and the future calls of the project.


Investigation of Liquid Crystal Displays as a Source of Indium

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has published the EPA Research Report Number 201:  Investigation of Liquid Crystal Displays as a Source of Indium.The objectives of the research were to investigate and explore the potential for indium recovery from liquid crystal displays (LCDs). More information is available here.

ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 Webinar: Presentation and Video

The Webinar on ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 took place on 30th March at 12:00 (Lisbon time), with the aim of providing information of the topics and detailed explanations on the submission, evaluation, selection and funding procedures.

The Webinar video is available at: https://educast.fccn.pt/vod/clips/1balh63zft/flash.html

In addition, the presentation done at the Webinar can be found through the following link:


ERA-MIN Project Catalogue

The ERA-MIN Project Catalogue presents the abstracts of transnational projects funded by the national funding agencies under the 2013, 2014 and 2015 ERA-MIN joint calls.

ERA- MIN 2 presentation

On 14th March 2017, a ERA-MIN 2 seminar was held by Finep (Brazil). During this session, ERA-MIN2 was presented by Ms. Dina Carrilho, ERA-MIN 2 Coordinator. Please find attached the presentation of ERA-MIN 2 . The Seminar was broadcasted on YouTube and the video is also available through this link.

ERA-MIN Research Agenda

The ERA-MIN Research Agenda aims at listing the most important topics of research and innovation that will contribute to i) secure the sustainable supply and management of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials, and ii) offer opportunities of investment and employment opportunities in the EU.