ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - The Projects' Abstracts 

Under the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017, 16 top-ranked proposals are recommended for funding by the funding organisations participating in this call. 

The ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - The Projects' Abstracts presents the publishable abstracts of the funded projects under the ERA-MIN Joint call 2017 (grouped by main topic) and is now available at the following link:

D3.3. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: list of projects after stage 2 and ranking list

This report details the ranking list of proposals after Stage 2 evaluation in the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017.

16 transnational projects are funded under ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 with a total public funding of 12.3 million €

ERA-MIN 2 poster

ERA-MIN 2 poster showcases an overview of the ERA-MIN 2 project including information about its main objectives, the statistics of the first call launched under ERA-MIN 2 and the consortium composition.

The poster was presented during the Raw Materials Week 2017 held in Brussels from 7th to 9th November 2017.

ERA-MIN 2 presentation - Raw Materials Week 2017

The coordinator of ERA-MIN 2, Ms Dina Carrilho, made a presentation of the ERA-MIN 2 project during the 2017 InfoDay and brokerage event held in Brussels on 9th November 2017. The ERA-MIN 2 presentation was focused on three parts: the ERA-MIN 2 network, the first results of the cofunded call and the future calls of the project.


Investigation of Liquid Crystal Displays as a Source of Indium

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has published the EPA Research Report Number 201:  Investigation of Liquid Crystal Displays as a Source of Indium.The objectives of the research were to investigate and explore the potential for indium recovery from liquid crystal displays (LCDs). More information is available here.

ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 Webinar: Presentation and Video

The Webinar on ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 took place on 30th March at 12:00 (Lisbon time), with the aim of providing information of the topics and detailed explanations on the submission, evaluation, selection and funding procedures.

The Webinar video is available at:

In addition, the presentation done at the Webinar can be found through the following link:


ERA-MIN Project Catalogue

The ERA-MIN Project Catalogue presents the abstracts of transnational projects funded by the national funding agencies under the 2013, 2014 and 2015 ERA-MIN joint calls.

ERA- MIN 2 presentation

On 14th March 2017, a ERA-MIN 2 seminar was held by Finep (Brazil). During this session, ERA-MIN2 was presented by Ms. Dina Carrilho, ERA-MIN 2 Coordinator. Please find attached the presentation of ERA-MIN 2 . The Seminar was broadcasted on YouTube and the video is also available through this link.

ERA-MIN Research Agenda

The ERA-MIN Research Agenda aims at listing the most important topics of research and innovation that will contribute to i) secure the sustainable supply and management of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials, and ii) offer opportunities of investment and employment opportunities in the EU.

The Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP)

The Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) is the EIP’s action plan. It incorporates inputs from EU governments, industry, academia and NGOs, consulted at meetings of the EIP’s Operational Groups. It was endorsed by the EIP’s High Level Steering Group on 25 September 2013.

The Strategic Implementation Plan sets out the objectives, targets and actions to be reached or implemented by 2020. It consists of two parts:

  • Part I - EIP objectives, targets & methodology; overall strategy;
  • Part II - Priority Areas, Action Areas & Actions targeting sector-specific stakeholders & practitioners.