ERA-MIN 2 Publications

D2.1. Cofunded call documents report

D2.2 Electronic Submission System Set up

D2.3 Call Dissemination Material

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D3.1. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: list of the Scientific Evaluation Board members

A total of 61 independent international experts were selected for the evaluation process of the co-funded ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017.

This report includes the briefing of the activities carried out for selecting the Scientific Evaluation Board (SEB) as well as the list of 26 independent international experts participating in the SEB at stage 1 evaluation, the list of 21 independent international experts participating in the SEB at stage 2 evaluation and the final list of 35 external reviewers involved in the remote scientific assessment of the proposals during stage 2.

Statistics on the composition of the SEB are also presented.

D3.3. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: list of projects after stage 2 and ranking list

This report details the ranking list of proposals after Stage 2 evaluation in the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017.

16 transnational projects are funded under ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 with a total public funding of 12.3 million €

D3.5. ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017: Summary of the 16 funded projects

This document includes the call statistics at pre- and full proposal stage, the data on each funded projects as well as the publishable abstracts. Further information is included in the followind links:

D5.1. ERA-MIN 2 website

D5.2. Communication and Dissemination Plan

D6.1. Report on cooperation with EU initiatives and projects

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D7.2. Joint Call 2018 documents

Documents of interest: